Strengthen and promote your reputation and brand 
Enhance visibility and credibility 
Communicate persuasively with clients, prospects and others
Demonstrate capabilities and expertise

Create an effective image. Tell your story persuasively

Having a favorable image and reputation are crucial, since people want to do business with an organization they can trust. We can help you define, position and articulate your corporate brand, and then craft persuasive, credible communications that convey your story with impact. Such communications may include website copy, blog posts, videos, social media engagement, native advertisements, white papers, multimedia presentations, strategic philanthropy, speaking engagement and other tactics.

Enhance visibility and credibility on the Internet…and off

We typically begin by examining your online presence to ensure you are conveying an effective image to prospects, customers and other important audiences. That often includes optimizing your website so it becomes easier for visitors to navigate and more prominent in search engines. We also look carefully at your social media profiles (if any) to assess if you are presenting your brand effectively and engaging successfully with fans, friends and potential customers.

I personally serve each client as strategist, account manager and chief copywriter. In addition, I often call on other experts to complement my expertise and capabilities.

Please call me at (562) 495-8461 so we can talk about how I might strengthen your company’s brand, increase your visibility and help you grow.

The Todd Cooley Company offers a variety of marketing and communications services, all focused on helping clients attract attention, tell their stories effectively, and establish relationships with prospects and others. Contact me at or (562) 495-8461.

  • Todd' leadership, PR savvy, strategic thinking and tremendous competency in writing helped my career blossom from the very beginning. Fifteen years later I still count him as a mentor and friend.
    Caroline Weilert
    Caroline Weilert
    Vice President, Marketing –Valleycrest Companies
  • Todd is a savvy PR and marketing pro who is able to effectively communicate ideas, concepts, products and services. He played a valuable role in helping us articulate our message and tell our story to clients, prospects, business partners and investors. His efforts contributed to the successful sale of our company in 2013.
    David Duckwitz
    formerly Chief Executive – CitizenHawk
  • Terri Hernandez RosalesTodd Cooley is a gifted public relations professional who combines a solid understanding of business with astute strategic thinking and effervescent creativity. He is a clear thinker, a fluent writer and a counselor whose judgment I’ve learned to trust implicitly.   Terri Hernandez Rosales
    Terri Hernandez Rosales
    Terri Hernandez Rosales
    Vice President – NBCUniversal-NBC4
  • Todd Cooley can provide an ambitious vision for his clients. He's smart, articulate, and, when necessary, able to skillfully combine the efforts of various specialists to achieve that vision.
    Leisa Brug
    Leisa Brug
    Energy Policy Advisor – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer