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(714) 599-3829
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Todd Cooley: Strategist, Consultant, Coach,  Speaker

I help individuals and companies clarify, articulate, and promote their brand or identity by developing and executing multifacted communications campaigns.

I coach individuals, mostly small-business owners, on marketing and PR opportunities and challenges.

I consult with and train clients on strategies for boosting individual and group creativity.

I speak to companies, associations, schools, and nonprofits on topics such as creativity, small-business marketing, and reputation management.

I’d like to serve you if I can make a difference in your business. Give me a call, shoot me an email or connect with me on social media. I’d enjoy making your acquaintance.

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Insights from Todd Cooley

Bloomberg View’s Megan McArdle, one of our most insightful social observers, has published an interesting piece on the frightening impact of  “online mobs” and the dangers of digital bullying. Her article discusses online shaming and contrasts it with more ancient forms of social intimidation. In the early days of Twitter, I used to say that...
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Why people love working with Todd

  • Todd’s leadership, PR savvy, strategic thinking and tremendous competency in writing helped my career blossom from the very beginning. Fifteen years later, I still count him as a mentor and friend.

    Caroline Weilert
    Vice President, Marketing — BrightView Landscape
  • Todd is a savvy PR and marketing pro who is able to effectively communicate ideas, concepts, products, and services. He played a valuable role in helping us articulate our message and tell our story to clients, prospects, business partners, and investors. His efforts contributed to the successful sale of our company in 2013.

    David Duckwitz
    Chief Executive Officer — Target Media Partners Interactive
  • Todd Cooley is a gifted public relations professional who combines a solid understanding of business with astute strategic thinking and effervescent creativity. He is a clear thinker, a fluent writer, and a counselor whose judgement I’ve learned to trust implicitly.

    Terri Hernandez Rosales
    Vice President, NBCUniversal
  • Todd Cooley can provide an ambitious vision for his clients. He’s smart, articulate, and, when necessary, able to skillfully combine the efforts of various specialists to achieve that vision.

    Leisa Brug Weir
    Lightworks at Arizona State University