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Online Marketing and Branding

Every organization operating today requires an effective online presence. I assist clients with everything from websites to social media campaigns, often in collaboration with highly skilled specialists.


A company website is a must-have for virtually every business. It can provide a powerful platform for presenting your company and promoting your products, services and expertise. Your website can also strengthen your organization’s credibility, as well as serve as the primary interface between the business and your prospects, customers, potential employees and others.

On the other hand, a poor website – one with confusing navigation, out-of-date information, poor spelling or grammar, fuzzy images – can damage your reputation and deter prospects from doing business with you.

I work with talented website designers and developers able to create virtually any kind of site, from a simple, inexpensive website to complex, highly sophisticated e-commerce sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving organic (unpaid) search results, i.e., the ranking of your web pages on search engines like Google.

For most businesses, effective SEO is a marketing essential.

Good SEO requires a deep understanding of Google’s complex ranking factors and staying on top changes, which can occur frequently. SEO efforts need to be Google compliant; using so-called “black hat” or spammy techniques can sometimes generate short-term spikes, but such tactics are virtually always detected — and penalized — by Google, with devastating impact your online presence.

My team and I often perform an online presence analysis, which involves examining how well your company ranks in comparison with competitors while assessing how well your current SEO strategies are contributing to your ranking. Information gathered during this analysis can help identify ways to improve your SEO.

Social Media

Social media marketing serves as a crucial component of many companies’ branding, business development, customer relations and employee recruitment efforts. Communicating through social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can help you tell your story, share useful content, engage with current and potential customers, and gather information on prospects. It can also improve your search engine results and attract visitors to your website.

Every company should carefully consider the potential benefits of establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence. I can offer you a variety of social media-related services, including:

  • Developing social media strategies and policies
  • Establishing social media accounts and managing activities
  • Producing and distributing content through social media channels
  • Creating and implementing engagement campaigns

Content Development

I also work with clients to produce informational content that enhances your online presence. Such content ranges from speeches, blog posts and podcasts to videos. 

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