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Strategy and Counsel

Having a strong reputation and brand identity are crucial if you want to earn consumer trust, differentiate your business from competitors and avoid competing on the basis of price.

That requires carefully considering the attributes you’d like people to associate with your brand…and then doing everything possible to evince those attributes and promote them in your communications.

Therefore, before launching a marketing or communications campaign, you should make sure you thoroughly understand – and can articulate – your raison d’etre, or reason for being, and what distinguishes you from competing businesses.

  • What is your purpose?
  • What value do you provide customers or other constituents?
  • How do people specifically benefit from doing business with you?
  • Why should they patronize you instead of your competitors?

Clarifying Your Position in the Market

Admittedly, this can be a difficult challenge, especially if market conditions have significantly changed or your points of differentiation are subtle, difficult to explain, or frankly non-existent. I can provide an objective, strategic, third-party perspective to help you clarify your position in the market — and then craft the messages and assemble the supporting evidence to establish and reinforce that position.

Of course, if you make claims about your expertise, attentive client service or high quality products, you’d better be able to back them up…or risk destroying your credibility. After all, it’s easy to assert a claim. It’s much harder to demonstrate it.

Developing Your Go-To-Market Strategy

It also is important to confirm your Go-to-Market strategy before investing time and money on an outreach campaign. That involves answering a handful of pointed questions:

  • WHOM will we actively target with our marketing messages? How broadly (or narrowly) will we segment our audiences?
  • WHAT benefits do we provide our customers? How does that differ from competing offers?
  • WHERE do our prospects get information? What media do they consume? What social media channels do they engage on? Whom do they trust?
  • HOW do we communicate our message(s) in the most persuasive and cost-effective manner? What channels will be most effective in reaching our target?